Printing Multiplier Profits In 3D

Printing Profits, Not Guns, in 3D

by Steven Sarnoff

OPTIONS HOTLINE Update, FYI: +241% in a month and a half on our recommended 3D ($DDD) calls. This morning, I sent a Profit Alert to our subscribers. 3D Systems Corp. is topping the market’s biggest gainers list, trading sharply higher following a Q2 earnings beat. While shorts are squeezed, as investors and analysts rush in, our great subscribers calmly book their gains. They are seeing their patience pay and their trade triple.

The Superleverage power of my method is on display.  From 06-25-18 to 08-08-18, $DDD went from $14 to $18 and our option (the August $14 call) went from $135 to $460.

I can’t guarantee that all my recommendations will reach multiplier status, but I do promise to continue to do my best each week to find options winners for you.

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