Debriefing The OptionSellers Debacle

James Courdier h/t YouTube

Risk/Reward Basics Bypassed In Hedge Fund Blowup

by Steven Sarnoff

Last week, news of a hedge fund blowup spread over financial media.  On the wrong side of sharp moves in energy markets, James Courdier, money manager, notified his clients that all is lost.  His Tampa-based options firm sent millions of dollars down the drain.  He put out a pathetic, insufferable, ten-minute apology video, placing blame on a “rogue wave,” which capsized their boat.


His blaming a rogue wave is a tidal wave of baloney.

Checking the markets with a glass of wine isn’t piloting the ship properly.  Successful speculation takes knowledge, discipline, courage, and hard work.

Here are a couple key lessons you can glean from the OptionSellers disaster, so you can avoid getting tossed overboard.

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Animal Spirits In The Stock Market

h/t NatGeo

by Steven Sarnoff

Note: The chart within is updated from my original article, which appeared November 21st on other media platforms.

When I was young my father would enjoy telling me a fable, “The Scorpion and The Frog.” With Financial Talking Heads debating whether stocks are still in a bull market or now a bear, I hearken back to that tale.

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