Goodyear Deflated

Goodyear Blimp Deflated

Goodyear Blimp Deflated

Goodyear Tire issued an earnings warning and shares drove south.  Today the overall market extended its rally, albeit on light volume.  As I recently wrote, we may be approaching a turn.

When the market is up and the shares you’re watching are not, that is a sign of weakness.  The opposite is true, as well.  When individual shares are up in a down market, it’s a sign of their strength.

As you can see below, Goodyear literally left a skid mark on my daily candlestick chart.

Chart by Steven Sarnoff

Chart by Steven Sarnoff, h/t

Intraday, when GT shares were trading a little above $21, a potential bearish engulfing line was forming at resistance.  The overall market was trading higher, with time set to start a turn toward underlying support.  A bearish upper shadow was forming from resistance on Goodyear’s weekly chart, entrenched in a down trend.  With technical price objectives much lower (as low as $7),  it already looks like a bad year for Goodyear.

The Goodyear April $21 put traded at $1.36, with GT at $21.10.  When nearby support at $20.05 broke, the decline accelerated.

Support is now at $18.67 and $17.  Resistance is now at $19.30-$20.50 and $21.40-$22.

Goodyear closed today at $19.00 and the April $21 put traded as high as $2.90, +113% in a single session.

That’s the Superleverage power of put options on display.

Options action like this is much fun for timely put buyers and nimble traders, not so for investors.

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