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Oscar Wilde Statue

Oscar Wilde Memorial Sculpture, Merrion Square in Dublin, Ireland. Photo credit: Sarnoff

One day a tax collector called at Wilde’s house in Tite Street.

“Taxes! Why should I pay taxes?” said Wilde.

“But sir, you are the householder here, are you not?”  You live here, you sleep here.”

“Ah, yes; but then I sleep so badly!”

The Wit and Humor of Oscar Wilde, edited by Alvin Redman

Wilde lived extravagantly and was lavish in his hospitality to friends and acquaintances.  He spent money with utter disregard for the future.  He believed he held a cornucopia in his hands and that contributed to his undoing.

Here’s to getting through tax season and your week getting off to a wonderful start.

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