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Superleverage, it’s the only sensible way to speculate.”
— Paul Sarnoff

With Comic-Con in town, this struck me as a natural subject.  Superleverage is the art of profiting from changing prices, with limited risk AT ALL TIMES, without ever getting a margin call, asked to put up additional funds, or forced to liquidate your position.

The instruments of Superleverage are exchange traded put and call options.

Buyers of puts and calls are the ONLY ONES who possess the full profit power of Superleverage.

The Superleverage power of our method was on display again today, as our call on Barrick Gold Corp. (GOLD) closed +296% in a month, with an always known and strictly limited risk!

The underlying shares have made a nice move, from $13.89 to $17.35, propelling our recommended GOLD September $14 call option from $85 to $337!

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