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“What protectionism teaches us, is to do to ourselves in time of peace what our enemies seek to do to us in time of war.”
— Henry George, American 19th century political economist

Overnight and this morning, markets are exuding a whiff of panic over an escalation of the US/China trade war.

Trump’s tariffs, negative bond yields in Europe, the spreading of deteriorating economic conditions, and geopolitical tensions boiling all add to uncertainty.

With two more senseless US mass shootings and ahead of a likely violent crackdown coming to quell protests in Hong Kong, we hope for a day when sensibility and kindness hold sway on political leadership to get them to stop the madness.

50 years removed from Woodstock, we sure could use some of that Peace and Love.

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Your Almost Daily Bit of Wit & Wisdom

simple does not equal easy

h/t Danny Cota

“You should constantly work on refining your strategy.  Simplicity is key.  Do more of what DOES work and less of what DOESN’T.”
— Nathan Michaud, @InvestorsLive

I’m a big believer in the K-I-S-S principle, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Successful speculators know that Simple does not equal Easy.

That is an important distinction.  The characteristics of a successful trader are: Knowledge, Courage, Discipline, and Hard Work.

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