Keeping a Steady Hand

steady ship in rough sea


Options Hotline Update, today’s new highs, FYI:

+1,036% on TLT puts in two weeks and

+1,033% on QQQ puts in two months!

Strong sell-offs in both stocks and bonds have sent our recommended option plays soaring.

The TLT September $140 put (see 03-01-20 Options Hotline), triggered 03-03-20 at $1.25, traded 03-18-20 at $14.20.

The QQQ March $215 put (see 01-12-20 Options Hotline), triggered 01-13-20 at $4.29, traded 03-18-20 at $48.60…

..with an always known and strictly limited risk!

That is the Superleverage power of my method on display.

I can’t guarantee that all my recos will multiply like these two, but I do promise to do my best to find options winners for you.

Now in our 31st year of publication, we keep a steady hand on the tiller to help you navigate rough and uncertain market conditions.

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Stay safe and take care.

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