Our Put Answers the Call

qqq chart

Chart by Steven Sarnoff, h/t stockcharts.com

Multiplying Nearly 11x in 2 Months!

That’s the Superleverage Power of our Method on Display

+995% in just over 2 months on our recommended QQQ put, with an always known and strictly limited risk!

Another historically poor day for the stock market was not too shabby for Options Hotline subscribers.  Our recommended put option put on quite a performance, providing our readers with protection and profits.

You can see the market’s downside acceleration on my daily chart above.

Triggered 01-13-20 at $4.29 (see 01-12-20 Options Hotline),

the QQQ March $215 put traded 03-16-20 at $46.99, +995%!

I can’t guarantee that all my recos will multiply like the Qs, but I do promise to do my best to find options winners for you.

Now in our 31st year of publication, we keep a steady hand on the tiller to help you navigate rough and uncertain market conditions.

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